Sixties Flashback

    Vermont-based Sixties tribute band Mellow Yellow is marking their 10th anniversary with a new stage show called “Sixties Flashback.” The show will feature songs from the heyday of the late 1960s rock and pop music. This will be the first of several shows in collaboration with Heavy Light, a team that creates live projection psychedelic light shows.


    The band has produced theatrical shows over the past several years, relying on digital technology to recreate that “sixties sound.” Founding member Brad Daddyo (David Cooper) says, “We feel that this is a natural extension of the work we have done before, but with the additional coolness of a hand crafted, live projection analog light show provided by Heavy Light, using technology that has not changed since 1967.”


    Heavy Light is the creative team of friends Graeme Walford and Doug Kopacz, both of Vermont. “I've always had an interest in music, and the psychedelic sounds and ideas have always held a place in my heart. I decided to see just how those amazing light shows were done in the old Fillmore East,” says Graeme. And it didn't take the duo long to sort it all out and resurrect an almost lost art form - the liquid light show. 


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    Partial song List:


    Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles

    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

    Incense And Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock

    Hey Bulldog - The Beatles

    Space Cowboy - Steve Miller Band

    2000 Light Years From Home - The Rolling Stones

    Starman - David Bowie

    Ride My See Saw - The Moody Blues

    Don't You Want Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane

    Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds

    Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones

    I Can See For Miles - The Who

    Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin

    A Day In The Life - The Beatles



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