"Mellow Yellow is really the complete package. From the initial contact I had with the band during the booking period and throughout the planning and marketing phases communication was crystal clear, professional and honest. From load-in to load-out, they were respectful of our historic theater, our staff and most importantly, their audience.

And this is to say nothing of the music....

To call Mellow Yellow a tribute band is nearly a disservice - they are devotees to the music; they are stewards and torch bearers and they hold the music in the highest regard. As comfortable in a seated performance as a dance-party setting, the band works together to turn back the hands of time, ushering the crowd back to a time before cell phones, Facebook and YouTube; a time where society was roiling with politics, war and change and a vibrant counter culture was creating music that reflected it all.

Mellow Yellow brings that sound to life without caricature or irony; they relive rather than reinvent; they transport rather than transplant and they mesmerize, through projected images, lights and ambiance, as much as the bands and songs they present did in their original context. And perhaps that's what is so fantastic about their performance - they not only bring the music of the 1960's psychedelic era back to life, but they also bring back to life the influcences that forged that music.

I hope that you and your audience can enjoy the music of Mellow Yellow as much as ours did." 

-Jackson Evans, Executive Director, Vergennes Opera House


"I first saw Mellow Yellow at the Lincoln Inn in Essex and was instantly in awe.  The outfits quickly put you into a wonderful mood of 'where was I when that song came out.'  Not only is the band tight but the songs they play captivate you.  I hired them for our Waterbury Concert Series and this time I took notice of the people's reaction.  I went around asking the audience how they liked the band and the reaction was unanimous. They were enjoyed by all ages for different reasons. They are a not to miss performance."

-Lynn Mason, Director, Waterbury Rotary Concert Series


"What an outstanding performance, people of all ages were moving and grooving to the music.  People were still buzzing weeks after the show!  You don’t want to miss this, a must see!!"

-Michael Sutcliffe, Director, Killington Parks & Recreation